The 'Friends of Marcia Powell' are autonomous groups and individuals engaging in prisoner outreach, informal advocacy, and organized protest and direct actions in a sustained campaign to: promote prisoner rights and welfare in America; engage the Arizona public in a creative and thoughtful critique of our system of "justice;” deconstruct the prison industrial complex; and dismantle this racist, classist patriarchy...

Retiring "Free Marcia Powell"

As of December 2, 2010 (with occasional exceptions) I'm retiring this blog to direct more of my time and energy into prisoner rights and my other blogs; I just can't do anyone justice when spread so thin. I'll keep the site open so folks can search the archives and use the links, but won't be updating it with new posts. If you're looking for the latest, try Arizona Prison Watch. Most of the pieces posted here were cross-posted to one or both of those sites already.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Signs, Signs, everywhere are signs...

These just in from some Friends:


Spread the word  with washable window paint, and park your vehicle in context so the statement you make is bigger 
than what you write (here in front of  a mural of the Hoover Dam, in rural NW Arizona).

This is pretty low-profile: you have to be close to notice it, but it's great irony.

It's an example of how transparent packing tape and a Sharpie

can be used to convey a message without doing any real property damage. 

Really - don't give the State reason to take your money or put their hands on you.

chalk washes away easily, but can still reach 
a lot of people over the course of a single day
on a busy stretch of road.

Hand-made signs, once used for photos or demonstrations, 
should be saved for strategic Freewayblogging.
Pictured are Friends of Marcia's from Las Vegas to the Netherlands, 
taking time out to show solidarity with AZ abolitionists.

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