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Monday, November 30, 2009

The eve of World AIDS Day

from the Prison Abolitionist:

I expect to be up researching and blogging awhile tonight - Tuesday is World AIDS Day, and I want to get plenty of stuff out there about HIV/AIDS (and Hep C) in prisons and jails in America. It's a pretty dismal, shameful scene we've got here - though I know there are some folks trying to do good work in prisons on health care - AIDS in particular - and I'll find a few things about them to post, too. After all that, I'll get some rest then share some photos from this evening celebrating the First Amendment while protesting Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the Cronkite School of Journalism.

Let's just say now that all I brought with me from my action pack was chalk - lots of it, in many bold and lovely colors.

What an amazing crowd we were tonight. You know, folks, this movement's been rolling for awhile and it's picking up speed, so you better jump on if you're moving forward with us. From Puente to peace activists to copwatchers, and from union members and anarchists to "ordinary" Arizonans offended and outraged at how they're being represented, the Anti-Arpaio crowd is one of the most culturally diverse groups I've ever been a part of - it's all about cross movement solidarity, you know...

Don't believe those Rasmussen polls, America, about that man becoming our next Governor, by the way. They didn't ask any of us what we think.

More on all that later...

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