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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Arizona Travel Advisory: State under seige by Fascists.

I like this travel advisory idea - we can do so much with that: mock road signs, mock press releases, mock "know your rights" cards just for Arizona visitors (we can even hand them out at visitor centers) - I love it.


California Legislature to hear Resolution to Boycott Arizona

June 22, 11:08 AM
Sacramento Liberal Examiner
Elizabeth Fehr

One week after the the Sacramento city council voted to boycott Arizona, The California Legislature is about to jump into the game. This week, 40 state lawmakers plan to introduce a resolution supporting an economic boycott of our fair neighbor to the southeast. Don't expect any Republicans to vote for it.

This boycott, not unlike the ones that cities like San Francisco and Sacramento have implemented, calls for a total disinvestment in Arizona. Unlike other boycotts, it also calls for Major League Baseball to reconsider hosting the 2011 All-Star game in Arizona. That's important. Incredibly though,this resolution also contains a travel advisory warning about being picked up by Arizona authorities.

A travel advisory against another state in America. A state California has significant economic ties with. It's like part of our country has become the Third World. Whatever motivation Arizona had in passing this absurd immigration law, it's clear that this wasn't the sort of response it expected from it's neighbor. The laws regarding immigration and ethnic studies passed by Arizona are suspect at best and bigotry of the darkest kind at worst, but have relations in this country gotten to the point where states boycotting each other is an acceptable reality? At this point, the best outcome may be if the federal government wins its lawsuit against Arizona. God bless America.

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