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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Singing louder than the guns: War, Protest, and Abbie Hoffman

'When our country is right, keep it right; but when it is wrong, right those wrongs.'

Just came across this on YouTube, and wanted to share it. It's a short clip that was done in tandem with the release of the movie about Abbie Hoffman and the Vietnam War protest era, "Steal This Movie". If you have a chance to see it, do.

Hoffman was an original Yippie, an anti-war and civil rights activist - and one of the Chicago Seven. He was a target of FBI attacks on social and racial justice activists for three decades (continuing well after COINTELPRO was exposed), and spent a number of years underground, continuing to organize people around environmental issues in the late seventies. He did a little time in prison in the 80's, then organized against US military actions in Nicaragua and CIA recruiters (for which he was again prosecuted, but this time acquitted).

Abbie was a legendary protester - brilliant, creative - and many said crazy. Among his many stunts, he organized a mass action to surround and try to levitate the Pentagon.

Sadly, he was diagnosed manic depressive, and ultimately committed suicide in 1989 - though many don't believe that story to this day.

Anyway, this clip seemed appropriate given that another generation is mired in an endless war...

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