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Retiring "Free Marcia Powell"

As of December 2, 2010 (with occasional exceptions) I'm retiring this blog to direct more of my time and energy into prisoner rights and my other blogs; I just can't do anyone justice when spread so thin. I'll keep the site open so folks can search the archives and use the links, but won't be updating it with new posts. If you're looking for the latest, try Arizona Prison Watch. Most of the pieces posted here were cross-posted to one or both of those sites already.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Justice for cops and the privileged few...

Upon reading Stephen Lemons' article about Marcia tonight, I became highly agitated and needed to chalk. So, I chalked up the sidewalks outside the Maricopa County Attorney's office.

Figured it might be the only way I'd ever get
heard by Romley on the matter. Left my card at the scene in case he needs me to clarify any of what I had to say. It was dark, so the photos are kind of grainy - sorry.

Was stopped by a couple of detectives at one point, who told me I was breaking the law. Was about ready to pick a fight over that (I've been told repeatedly by cops - after they hassle me - that it's not criminal damage if
it's chalk on a public sidewalk), but they didn't have time to argue with me about it and took off so I went back to work until I got it out of my system...

I find it really disheartening - and enraging - that when a cop gets bumped by a couple of kids at a rally, they call it a violent assault and threaten to put a young woman in prison for the next decade over it. But when a woman is locked in a cage in 108 heat, tormented and taunted and ignored until she collapses in her own feces, the county attorney's office can't even find a misdemeanor complaint to file against any one of the 16 people the ADC held responsible for her death. That's pathetic and deeply disturbing. So, when it comes to "justice" here, even with Andy Thomas out the rest of us are screwed.

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