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Retiring "Free Marcia Powell"

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Help out Robin the Hood.

Hey All,

I've got some stuff set up to write to political prisoners today (however many days I'm doing this) - stamps, cards, info - so you can do a good thing by dropping by without even spending a dime (though you might want to donate your loose change to Emily for some iced tea, if she's out with some).  There are a few folks who need some mail coming in, so both they and the prisons know their people are paying attention. Take a minute and check out Oso Blanco's site - he's the last one I got an SOS about. This post from the Jericho network isn't up there, so here's the latest. Not to tax your resources - I'm drumming up support for this guy - I still need the cash, but if you don't have any, spend a stamp and send a good word to a prisoner. If you don't make it by my place, try to drop something in the mail to him in the next couple of days.

Here's what the kids did; it's kind of bright today, but you get the gist. We used World Wildlife Federation cards that came for free, which have wolves on them, which we thought he'd like. The kids said they hope things get better, and that his people miss him. 

Good kids. One has family in prison, too.

(swapped this photo for the one I first posted so you can see the kids' cards.)

It doesn't take much to make someone's day in prison.

Greeting folks & comrades;

A note to let you know that Thomas Ruffin from D.C. has agreed to take Oso's case, and we have sent him all the letters and documents to review the charges against Oso, even though he was the one beaten and had his braid cut--WE will still need to collect donations from you all to get Thomas there for a couple of days to interview Osoand establish a relationship with him. PLEASE send what you can or there are some of us that know the case well and would be willing to come and speak to you personally or your organization.

Thank you and have a Healthy & Happy & non-oppressive 2010
Paulette for NYC Jericho


Lawyer for Political Prisoner Oso Blanco

Jericho is asking for help in raising funds for a lawyer for Oso Blanco (aka Byron Shane Chubbuck), a Native American political prisoner being held and abused at Lewisburg federal prison.

He has been attacked by guards three times within the last few months and, after consulting with a lawyer, we decided we need to send a lawyer to visit him sooner rather than later. It will cost about a thousand for the trip there and a day visit/retainer, as well as getting the necessary documents for the lawyer.

By sending the donation through I.F.C.O., you will be able to have a deduction for your income tax. So please help us get this done, as we are concerned about not only Oso's safety, but his mental health under  this abusive treatment.

1. make out check to IFCO/NYC Jericho
2. on memo line: Oso Blanco's lawyer
3. send check to the Jericho Movement, P.O.Box 1272, New York, NY 10013
4. We will take the checks to IFCO
5. Drop Oso a note or card to let the prison know folks outside are
concerned about our brother.

Byron Shane Chubbuck (Oso Blanco) #07909-051
USP Lewisburg, PO Box 1000, Lewisburg, PA 17837

Thank you for your help
NYC Jericho

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