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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free the Phoenix Five. Charge the Phoenix PD.

Here's the footage I told you would be coming: this is why the MCSO won't be able to get away with their racial profiling, either. Everyone has a camera, and the truth exposed usually plays out in our favor.  Last word I had this PM was that Channel 5 aired footage showing that the PPD was clearly the aggressor, and that they were even calling for an investigation of the Phoenix PD's conduct at the march. Can't find any evidence of that on their website though - still the same BS article from yesterday.

Here's the link to Brian Wilkins' blog again, by the way, for another account of the police attack on protesters. He promises to follow what's happening with each of them - maybe we can do a  CourtWatch for them together. You can find a couple of video links to the police at the protest there as well.

The "Phoenix Five", by the way, is how our comrades were referred to today by anarchists/prison abolitionists in the Netherlands. 

They send their best. 

Here's a link they led me to:

The woman who posted this video also posted one prior to it, with the following comment: 

"... the pigs who pepper sprayed us!....Unfortunately, I don't have the police officer's name but she is the one who f****d up! no one was throwing rocks or water bottles as it has been reported by the media (who was not present)...I was there, just behind the "anarquist in black"....innocent people were affected by pepper spray including a young girl (about 4 yrs old), my underage cousins, and many many more! STOP POLICE BRUTALITY....STOP THE PIGS!!!!"


The links below came via Matt with the Phoenix Immigrant Rights listserve. I bet a lot of this footage was thanks to Copwatch. I'm sure more has yet to be edited and posted, so stay tuned.

Anti-Arpaio Human Rights March 1/16/2010




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