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Monday, January 25, 2010

Nevada Prison Mail: Interview with Ikemba

For quite some time now, my friends involved in Nevada prisons have been corresponding with Marritte (pronounced "Merit"), whose SF BayView article we posted not long ago, and have helped set up a campaign to challenge his decades-old conviction, which he's never been able to afford adequate counsel on. He's otherwise in prison for life. The address to their campaign site is below, with the link to the first half of the interview with him. Since going into prison as a young man, Marritte has matured into an activist and organizer, and has been instrumental in getting attention focused on the poor quality of prisoner health care in Nevada - for which he has been retaliated against repeatedly.

Despite the risks, he remains committed to improving conditions for prisoners and continues to try to speak openly about Nevada state prisons. Once in awhile we don't hear from him as expected or something gets "lost" in the mail, and we naturally grow a little concerned. This is one of those times. Please visit his site and show some support.

---------------from the  Free Marritte Funches Campaign-----------------

Where is the mail? Tampering with mail

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Committee is awaiting the second part of the Interview with Marritte Funches, but after more than two weeks of waiting for this important piece of mail to arrive, we must conclude that it was never sent by the Ely State Prison mailroom. It was never returned to Marritte, so we have to conclude that it is being kept by those who keep Marritte in prison on false grounds.

Marritte´s mail has been tampered with before, and this is unfortunately again such a time. This proves that the prisoncrats do not like justice being sought, and truth to be exposed.

We will keep you updated on this.

The first part of the interview was published here:

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