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Retiring "Free Marcia Powell"

As of December 2, 2010 (with occasional exceptions) I'm retiring this blog to direct more of my time and energy into prisoner rights and my other blogs; I just can't do anyone justice when spread so thin. I'll keep the site open so folks can search the archives and use the links, but won't be updating it with new posts. If you're looking for the latest, try Arizona Prison Watch. Most of the pieces posted here were cross-posted to one or both of those sites already.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Support Free Radicals: Labor Collection, No Nukes

Okay, I dragged out my Labor DVD's, which includes a copy of "At The River I Stand" (good for showing every April 4), "Salt of the Earth", Living Wage campaigns and organizing work at Starbucks, and a funky 1940-era company-town propaganda film. There are some light ones in the mix, too - but together, it's a good solid start to a labor DVD library, with 19 titles. I'll part with it for a $500 donation to the cause. $250 if you let me buy it back from you some day. It took a lot of time and love to put together...

(sorry the light's so wierd today)

I'd like these to go to a friend, but none of mine have any money, so they're out there for anyone, anywhere. Email me if you want them and can't get here. I'll cover shipping. I'll also throw in whatever labor CD's haven't sold off, yet, too.

I also have a No Nukes CD signed by Harvey Wasserman at a rally protesting the re-opening of the Davis Besse nuclear plant in Ohio in 2003. He laughed when I asked him - I don't think he's had a lot of people ask him to autograph CDs (he's a legendary organizer, not one of the musicians). I don't have any idea if anyone else thinks tha's worth something - I get to keep the story so I don't need the CD. It's good music, though - and you get the story about the good cause you helped by buying it. I'll let it go for $25.

Here's an autographed copy of Angela Davis' "Women, Culture, and Politics". I don't have any idea how I got it - I think I just bought it used and discovered it was signed when I was packing stuff up for Books Through Bars or someone, so I couldn't part with it. I think a regular used copy of this is still over $10, and it's a good book to reference, so I'll ask $15.

That about covers it for my valuables, to anyone casing my place through my websites. The only people who might want anything I own are already generally poor. They'll drop a twenty if they have it for my friend, not because they need a book or DVD so desperately. 

Outside of all this stuff I've laid out, I just don't have much worth risking breaking into my place for. We hardly ever even have booze here. And I'm kind of psycho about the sanctity of my space - I may have an open door to the world, but if you're a vampire you can't come in without permission. I'm not really as much of a pacifist as I used to be - I believe in the right to self-defense and I'll put a stake right through you if try to cross my threshold. 

Nor do I surrender my right to privacy, for those who may need a warrant. Come buy a book if you want to see my propaganda. I might send you off with a good zine with stuff done by women in prison.

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