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Retiring "Free Marcia Powell"

As of December 2, 2010 (with occasional exceptions) I'm retiring this blog to direct more of my time and energy into prisoner rights and my other blogs; I just can't do anyone justice when spread so thin. I'll keep the site open so folks can search the archives and use the links, but won't be updating it with new posts. If you're looking for the latest, try Arizona Prison Watch. Most of the pieces posted here were cross-posted to one or both of those sites already.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank you from Jamie Scott's Mom.

I know some of you out there hit the links in the posts below to email folks in Mississippi - thank you. It mattered. Jamie is in the hospital now. 

Please keep following the Scott Sisters' case and do what you can. They need to go home.




JUST CONFIRMED THAT JAMIE SCOTT IS IN CENTRAL MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI!! Gladys Scott called their mother, Mrs. Rasco, and told her that Jamie was moved earlier today and had surgery to place a shunt where she will begin to receive dialysis. According to one of the guards she is doing OK at this point in time. We will definitely keep everyone updated every time we are aware of a new development. The outpouring of love that was showered on Jamie and Mrs. Rasco from around the world was truly incredible, fantastic and wonderful; thank you doesn't begin to express the gratitude that this family feels for what you've accomplished. Mrs. Rasco wants everyone who called, faxed or e-mailed to know that it was due to your ceaseless efforts that this happened, and she is very, very grateful to each and everyone of you that participated in this call to action! Together we can bring them home to their families where they belong!!

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